Amid sea of red in Rupp, Trump rally previews 2020

1990s, when Bill Clinton was president, and here’s what he knows about Donald Trump: “Business has never been better.” He’s here with co-worker Nathan Quick, they’re at their 82nd rally for either Trump or Pence since Trump entered the political scene. They drove to Lexington from a Trump rally in Mississippi on Friday, and will turn around and head back south to Louisiana first thing Tuesday.

Could The Warriors Pull Off A One-Year Tank?


NBA All-Star Steph Curry is out for three months after breaking his hand, seriously hurting Golden State’s prospects this season. But could this unfortunate injury end up working in the Warriors’ favor? The Hot Takedown team breaks down the different strategies the Warriors might employ going forward, discusses whether tanking is ever advisable and examines how the strategy differs in the NBA from other major sports.

College basketball starts tonight, and we have new teams atop the preseason AP polls. On the women’s side, the No. 1 spot is occupied neither by historically dominant UConn nor defending champ Baylor, but by Oregon, led by Sabrina Ionescu. On the men’s side, Michigan State is the preseason No. 1 for the first time in school history. We discuss what to expect out of the Ducks and Spartans and what the preseason polls shows us about college basketball success.

In honor of a historic World Series upset, our Rabbit Hole celebrates “paper champions” — the data-designated true kings and queens of each season.

What we’re looking at this week:

Improvement in health insurance market isn’t as great as we made it sound

A week ago, we editorialized about increasing choice in the health care marketplace in Kentucky. Our position was based on free market principles — that more choice and competition is almost always a good thing for the consumer. We held up as proof of this the fact that one of the two main companies offering health insurance through the government marketplace had cut its rates by an average of 4.5% for next year. After the editorial was published, a reader provided us with some additional information: While CareSource Kentucky may be cutting its premiums, it’s also cutting services and increasing charges when you need health care for some. In the case of this reader, the total cost next year for keeping the same plan will likely be more because the reader will have more out-of-pocket expenses. Clearly, this situation is a lot more complicated than our previous editorial made clear.

Not from here — bunk

I hear it all the time. “He ain’t from here so he doesn’t belong.” That is probably the most moronic statement someone can say. And I hear a lot of moronic statements. People who say that are either ignorant, being politically brainwashed or are just closed-minded. If your only complaint about a candidate or person is that they are not from around here, you’re a fool.

Saturday Voting Brings Out 210 Between The Three Voting Centers

By Syndicated From External Source on November 3, 2019

According to the Lawrence County Voter Registration 74 ballots were cast at the courthouse, 52 cast ballots at the Emerson Gym, and 84 ballots were …