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16 February 2020

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The following are existing videos provided by Ultimate SEO on our youtube channel.  After viewing these videos you should be able to Search and Find Relevant Expired Domains For Free. Pull SEO Metrics On Candidate Domains For Next to Nothing. Search domain backlinks and find relevant links for 301 redirection. Redirect a backlink using a cPanel account. There are more ways to do these tasks than shown, if they get the same results then awesome pick what works for you. SEO Link Building: Redirecting Expired Domain Backlinks 1/3 SEO Link Building: Redirecting Expired Domain Backlinks 2/3 SEO Link Building: Redirecting Expired Domain Backlinks Part 3 Hits: 2
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9 February 2020

Link building is a necessary evil if you want anyone to notice your Music, Arts and Entertainment blog.  With people like the President of the United States now competing with you for entertainment exposure competition hasn’t been any tougher than today.
SEO Heroine 
You can buy links on sites like fiverr.com but thats actually not a long term strategy.  I’ve likened buying links on these cheap sites to heroine.  Sure it gives you a boost and you’re high but you’ll find it’s harder and harder to stay high without doing more and more and you can’t recover from that addiction without help and hitting rock bottom.
And thats not dramatic of me … its literally like heroine.  You’re using something unnatural thats a quick fix to get high and feel good and it isn’t good content so its unsustainable without more and more fiverr links.  And you never know when you are going to get a bad hit that can kill ya.
Content Syndication Networks and Guest Posts
An alternative is to Guest Post offering something worth reading and of value.  On the receiving end if your site wants relevant content you can join a Content Syndication Network and ingest content regularly.  It can be setup to only publish after you approve and in the end it does diversify the information on your site for your readers.
Now this post is mostly just a test of Ultimate SEO’s network’s Arts and Entertainment feed, but even in a test I think we an make a compelling argument for avoiding link buying and instead sharing your knowledge to relevant sites through Guest Posting opportunities. Source…

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3 February 2020

Visit Technical SEO: Digital Ocean vs Google Cloud vs AWS for the whole story
This may seem off topic but its on topic, technical SEO is imperative … you’re not going to rank number one on Google using Shopify or Wix.  It just isnt going to happen.
Its also apparently difficult to get solid advice on SEO Hosting from “experts” Best Blog Hosting for SEO is junk … reciting features doesnt make a hosting plan the best…one quote notes that WordPress is already installed with InMotionHosting.com … so what!  Our web servers are preconfigured to install WordPress in every new account as well…it only saves maybe 5 minutes per user but for
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2 February 2020

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Adding Live Chat To Your Website With Drift This is just a quick note of Drift and SEO.  Drift is a chat plugin, or embed code and a Cloudflare App which allows a site owner or staff to interact proactively with web visitors.  It’s great for lead generation and I have a client that swears […]
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1 February 2020

Visit Data Security Note: Its Okay To Snitch. for the whole story
Someone asked me if calling out a “hacker” makes you a snitch?  I smiled and told them, being a snitch is decent.  People who don’t like snitches are doing things they are ashamed of and know it.  In IT we need to be snitches a lot more and loudly. Its pretty fun being your own […]
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30 January 2020

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Longevity isn’t long for freelancers who work fast and know what they are doing. Conversely if clients are likely to remove you once they are doing well, what value does pay for performance bring? This is the first entry of a series on being a freelancer. It seems like, and I agree it makes little […]
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26 January 2020

I’ve penned a lot of articles over the last couple years and it never crossed my mind to really attempt at ranking for the keyword Louisville SEO.  I searched it tonight and found the top result was an SEO firm or agency that pretty much uses 1999 (same year they were founded) tactics on their ranking page.  
Keyword stuffing is supposed to have gone the way of the doodoo and I push clients away from over using a phrase.  This page uses the target keyword 46 times.   There 1000 word article is 5% of the time Louisville SEO.  
I thought well, this just has to be done.  As a native Louisvillian who works full time in SEO I can’t sit aside and allow the leader of this keyword to be everything I claim is dead in modern day search algorithms.  

This challenge I’ve decided to accept should serve as a testament to Louisville businesses seeking an expert in SEO strategy both Local SEO and National/Global SEO.  I hope to jump up in the top 10 by 2020, depending upon backlinks it could be a chore but we’ll see.
SEO is constantly evolving and what worked 5 years ago is not as effective today.  With that said what worked 20 years ago issimply useless today.  Its like solving math using an abacus … great for you for knowing how to use one but the tools time has passed.

Strategy For Ranking Keyword

My strategy for ranking within the results of “Louisville SEO” will be the same ones I push on clients.

Review the top 10 results for the keyword, see what they do well and do it better.  Take a little inspiration from each page and put all of that into your own.
Write content thats natural, useful to your readers and not too technical…

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26 January 2020

Guest Blog Test Post

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Cloud Computing: Digital Ocean vs Google Cloud vs AWS November 7, 2019
Visit Cloud Computing: Digital Ocean vs Google Cloud vs AWS for the whole story This may seem off topic but its on topic, technical SEO is imperative … you’re not going to rank number one on Google using Shopify or Wix.  It just isnt going to happen. Its also apparently difficult to get solid advice […]

Louisville SEO: More Than Keywords – Local SEO November 1, 2019
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Ranking Keywords That People Search October 29, 2019
Visit Ranking Keywords That People Search for the whole story Branded And Unbranded Keywords: Not Equal SEO Value This is a short discussion on keywords.  If you have read previous articles here you already know that I consider On Page SEO one of the least important factors in ranking yet one of the most obsessed […]

Adult SEO Tips October 24, 2019
Visit Adult SEO Tips for the whole story Originally A Guest Post at Stream SEO Make $1,000 per month with sexy Adult Blogs in 2019 Updated on SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 by SERVANDO SILVA Intro (Servando): This is a guest post by Andrew. While we usually don’t cover anything adult related at Stream SEO, I can’t deny a lot of […]

How To Setup Digital Ocean Account – Client Video October 22, 2019
Visit How To Setup Digital Ocean Account – Client Video for the whole story Want a $50 credit towards Digital Ocean? Digital Ocean $50 Credit For New Accounts Disclosure: Using this link provides Ultimate SEO a $25 credit towards our Digital Ocean bill. × Dismiss alert Setting Up…

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26 January 2020

So this is more a test artcle but it’ll also hit on these topics in the title. Duplicate Content is everywhere and its fine…Googles been saying that for years now but some SEOs have this myth in their head that its an issue.  If its such an issue then what about The Associated Press?  The AP syndicates content to almost every local newspaper out there.  Their sites arent penalized for blocks and blocks of duplicate content.  While your chewing on that…
What is a unique thing you can do with others content?  The way you arrange it.  What if I setup a site that ingested the RSS feeds of all these political campaigns press releases and used it to create a site that had all the press releases for say US House seats.  That could be of value to someone and provides a research resource for after the election when those sites are down.  Theres an example of providing a useful service with mostly duplicate content.  Its unique that the type of content exists there in one place.
So now we see duplicate content isnt bad and in that we know that some authors want publicity but theyve never been heard of … so they need a platform to gain a following.  Some sites charge for “Ghost Blogging” but thats really not being big picture.  There are sites that want relevant content and there are authors after a site.  
Welcome to our syndication site.  You can post an article for free here and you can get articles for free here but we ask you use the RSS feeds and put in a good word back to us somewhere. 
Now some filler text…

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Looks like…

Content Syndication SEO And Duplicate Content Myth Web Host, Design, Data and SEO Services

26 January 2020

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TrueInfluence.com has been an Ultimate SEO client for several months now. During that time a central project has been to deliver the companies web pages in three seconds or less. TrueInfluence is a data intelligence marketing organization. IntentBase is a product of theirs and they are focused heavily in lead generation and demand generation.  The […]
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Optimizing For Site Speed: Page Load To SEO Cloud Server Infrastructure Web Host, Design, Data and SEO Services

Election Update: The First Polls Since New Hampshire Show No Big Bounces

Three days after the New Hampshire primary, we are finally getting some polls that reflect the new state of the race — including a poll in Nevada, the next state in the voting sequence, for the first time in a full month! And overall, they’re not showing that any candidate has grabbed a ton of momentum out of Iowa or New Hampshire. That’s probably good news for former Vice President Joe Biden, whose firewall in Southern states appears weakened but still standing. But mostly it’s a recipe for a long, drawn-out nominating contest. In fact, our national primary forecast currently says that the single most likely outcome of the primary season is that no candidate gets a majority of pledged delegates.

Let’s start with that Nevada poll, which was conducted Feb. 11-13 (which means some interviews were probably conducted before the results from New Hampshire were known) by WPA Intelligence for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and AARP Nevada. It showed Sen. Bernie Sanders with 25 percent, Biden with 18 percent, Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 13 percent, businessman Tom Steyer with 11 percent, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg with 10 percent and Sen. Amy Klobuchar with 10 percent.

Although Biden has topped most Nevada polls we have, this poll didn’t affect the toplines in our Nevada forecast too much because it was right around where it expected the race to have settled post-New Hampshire. Our model currently gives Sanders a 2 in 3 (64 percent) chance of winning the Nevada caucuses, while Biden is given a 1 in 6 (16 percent) chance. Buttigieg (1 in 10, or 10 percent) and Warren (1 in 15, or 7 percent) are also outside shots to win the state.

On Friday, we also got our first South Carolina poll in more than a week, courtesy of East Carolina University. The Feb. 12-13 survey gave Biden 28 percent, Sanders 20 percent, Steyer 14 percent, Buttigieg 8 percent and Klobuchar and Warren 7 percent each. (Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg got 6 percent in the poll, but he is not on the ballot in South Carolina.) Compared with ECU’s previous South Carolina poll, which was conducted shortly before the Iowa caucuses, Biden fell 9 percentage points, and Steyer fell 5 points. Sanders rose 6 points, Klobuchar rose 5 points and Buttigieg rose 4 points.

Ever since he finished fourth in Iowa, Biden has no longer been the favorite in South Carolina, according to our model. Sanders currently has a 1 in 2 (47 percent) chance of winning South Carolina, while Biden has a 2 in 5 (37 percent) shot. However, part of the reason our model has Sanders as the favorite is that it thinks Biden could drop out before South Carolina even votes. In the scenarios where Biden is still in the race come Feb. 29, though, he is probably still favored in the Palmetto State.

The ECU poll in particular offered both good news and bad news for Biden: On one hand, he’s still leading in an important state after two disappointing finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire. And according to the poll’s crosstabs, Biden also still has a strong lead (16 points over Sanders) among African American voters, a crucial voting bloc that has sided with the eventual nominee in every Democratic primary since 1992. But on the other hand, the poll shows that Biden has dropped a meaningful amount in South Carolina since late January — and it wouldn’t take much more of a drop to put Sanders in the lead in our polling average (there are still two weeks until South Carolina votes, remember).

We also got a poll of Georgia, which will vote on March 24. That survey put Biden in the lead with 32 percent, followed by Sanders and Bloomberg at 14 percent each. Landmark Communications and WSB-TV’s last Georgia poll was from September of last year, but the numbers didn’t change all that much, although Biden was down 9 points, while Sanders was up 6. (Bloomberg wasn’t tested in September, since he only became a candidate in November.) The state is demographically similar to South Carolina (for instance, the Democratic primary electorate in both states in 2016 was majority African American), so Biden’s durability in Georgia was another good sign for him, even though he did fall nearly 10 points.

Finally, a St. Pete Polls survey of Florida, conducted Feb. 12-13, put Bloomberg at 27 percent, Biden at 26 percent, Buttigieg at 11 percent, Sanders at 10 percent and Klobuchar at 9 percent. However, St. Pete has historically featured unusually high numbers for Bloomberg and fairly low numbers for Sanders, relative to other pollsters. Adjusted for these house effects, our model interprets this poll as saying Biden has 25 percent support, Bloomberg has 21 percent, Sanders has 13 percent, Buttigieg has 10 percent and Klobuchar has 7 percent.

This was still a bad poll for Biden, who lost 15 points since St. Pete’s previous survey in late January, and a good one for Bloomberg, who gained 10 points. But it also wasn’t a great one for Sanders or Buttigieg. It showed virtually no change for Sanders, and Buttigieg ticked up by a middling 5 points. Biden surely would have preferred not to have lost so much ground, but it’s definitely a silver lining for him that the new Democratic front-runner (Sanders) did not surpass him.

Taken together, these four state polls show Biden trending in the wrong direction, but paradoxically they are actually good news for his overall chances of winning a majority of pledged delegates, which have ticked up from 1 in 9 (11 percent) on Thursday afternoon to 1 in 8 (13 percent) now. That’s because the four polls also show that states like South Carolina are still very much open for the taking and that Sanders, Biden’s main competition for the nomination, is not riding a huge wave of momentum. As a consequence, Sanders’s chances of winning a majority of pledged delegates have dipped slightly from 2 in 5 (39 percent) to 1 in 3 (36 percent). And there’s now a 2 in 5 (37 percent) chance that no one will achieve a pledged-delegate majority, which could lead to a contested convention.

Can You Solve This Rather Pedestrian Puzzle?

Welcome to The Riddler. Every week, I offer up problems related to the things we hold dear around here: math, logic and probability. Two puzzles are presented each week: the Riddler Express for those of you who want something bite-size and the Riddler Classic for those of you in the slow-puzzle movement. Submit a correct answer for either,<a class="espn-footnote-link" data-footnote-id="1" href="https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/can-you-solve-this-rather-pedestrian-puzzle/#fn-1" data-footnote-content="

Important small print: Please wait until Monday to publicly share your answers. In order to 👏 win 👏, I need to receive your correct answer before 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Monday. Have a great weekend!

“>1 and you may get a shoutout in next week’s column. If you need a hint or have a favorite puzzle collecting dust in your attic, find me on Twitter.

Riddler Express

Riddler City is a large circular metropolis, with countless square city blocks that each have a side length of 1 km. A small section of the city, composed of 36 blocks, is shown in the diagram below:

Riddler city blocks

At the very center of the city lies Riddler City Hall. Its many employees all walk to and from work, and their homes are evenly scattered across the city. The sidewalks they walk along have always been adjacent to the streets — but that may be changing.

Recently, several city hall employees submitted a petition, requesting that the sidewalks should no longer lie alongside the streets. Instead, they want the sidewalks to cut diagonally across the city, connecting nearby street intersections. These proposed sidewalks are represented by the thicker blue lines in the diagram below:

Riddler City diagonal sidewalks

The mayor of Riddler City has tasked you with resolving this dispute in a mathematical manner. She would like you to answer the following question: What fraction of the city hall employees would have a shorter walk home if the city replaced its traditional sidewalks with these diagonal sidewalks?

Submit your answer

Riddler Classic

From David Lewis comes an additional, original twist on Riddler City’s urban planning:

The mayor ultimately decided not to pursue diagonal sidewalks, but the petitioners haven’t given up yet. One of them recently visited Barcelona and was inspired by its octagonal city blocks.

Now, there’s a second petition on the mayor’s desk, asking that the grid layout of the city’s sidewalks be replaced with an octagonal pattern, represented by the thicker blue lines in the diagram below:

Riddler City octagonal sidewalks

Under this second proposal, now what fraction of the employees would have a shorter walk home if the city replaced its traditional sidewalks with these new sidewalks?

Submit your answer

Solution to last week’s Riddler Express

Congratulations to 👏 Andrew Yuan 👏 of Brisbane, Australia, winner of last week’s recent Riddler Express.

Last week, you were asked to find how many more palindrome dates (in the MM/DD/YYYY format) there would be this century. The most recent occurrence was this past Groundhog Day, 02/02/2020.

As many solvers noted, the fact that the date had to occur in this century meant that it had to have the form MM/DD/20YY. Then, in order to be a palindrome — meaning it reads the same forwards and backwards, if we ignore the slashes — the form becomes MM/02/20YY.

At this point, the two last digits of the year are the same as the digits of the month, but flipped. And so Andrew went through the 12 months of the year to see which resulted in palindromes that hadn’t yet occurred. The 12 palindrome dates are:

  • 01/02/2010 (already passed)
  • 02/02/2020 (just passed)
  • 03/02/2030
  • 04/02/2040
  • 05/02/2050
  • 06/02/2060
  • 07/02/2070
  • 08/02/2080
  • 09/02/2090
  • 10/02/2001 (already passed)
  • 11/02/2011 (already passed)
  • 12/02/2021

Of the 12 possible palindrome dates, four have already passed. That means there are eight palindrome dates remaining this century.

Solver Sami from London extended the riddle, looking also at palindrome dates in the DD/MM/YYYY format (which, appropriately enough, is used in London). Following a similar approach, Sami found 23 such palindrome dates. Interestingly, one of these is Feb. 29, 2092 — a palindrome leap day!

Back in the American format, the next palindrome date will occur on Dec. 2, 2021, which sounds like the perfect time to ask this riddle again. (Spoiler alert: The answer will be seven.)

Solution to last week’s Riddler Classic

Congratulations to 👏 Bram Carlson 👏 of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, winner of last week’s Riddler Classic.

Last week, you were introduced to an ambiguous mathematical expression with absolute values. Offered as an example, the expression |−1|−2|−3| had two possible interpretations, and as a result, two corresponding values:

  • The two left bars were a pair, and the two right bars were a pair. In this case, we had 1−2·3 = 1−6 = −5.
  • The two outer bars were a pair, and the two inner bars were a pair. In this case, we had |−1·2−3| = |−2−3| = |−5| = 5.

That was all well and good. But instead of analyzing just two cases, you had to find how many different values the expression |−1|−2|−3|−4|−5|−6|−7|−8|−9| could have. Yikes!

As you might have expected, some solvers used pencil and paper, while others turned to their computers. While this riddle seemed imposing, pencil and paper did an excellent job at providing an upper bound for the answer.

For the expression |−1|−2|−3|, there were two ways to pair the absolute value bars, and it turned out there were two possible values — one for each pairing. Similarly, finding the total number of ways to pair the absolute value bars in the expression |−1|−2|−3|−4|−5|−6|−7|−8|−9| gives us all possible values for the expression. (However, not all of these values may be unique — some may be duplicates of each other. But we can cross that bridge when we get to it … in a few paragraphs).

To count up the number of pairings of absolute value bars, we could imagine each pair consisting of an “open” bar and a “close” bar — just like parentheses. In other words, the number of pairings of the 10 bars in |−1|−2|−3|−4|−5|−6|−7|−8|−9| was the same as the number of ways to write out five pairs of — or 10 total — parentheses. Many solvers pointed out that this related problem is quite famous. Given N pairs of parentheses, the total number of valid sequences is known as the Nth Catalan number.

Catalan numbers show up all over the place in discrete mathematics and combinatorics. Don’t believe me? Well, try figuring out how many ways you can divide up a convex polygon into non-overlapping triangles by connecting the polygon’s internal diagonals. Go ahead, I’ll wait. What’s that? The answer turns out to be a Catalan number? You don’t say.

Since there were five pairs of absolute value bars in the original expression, |−1|−2|−3|−4|−5|−6|−7|−8|−9|, that meant there were 42 (the fifth Catalan number) total ways to pair up the bars. A few solvers stopped here, satisfied with an answer of 42. Of course.

But, as we said earlier, 42 is just the upper bound for our answer. There can’t be more than 42 unique values, but if some pairings of the absolute value bars result in duplicate values, the answer will be less than 42.

Indeed, there were several such duplicates. Ian Rhile evaluated all 42 interpretations of the original expression and plotted them on a number line:

Of the 42, three were duplicates, meaning there were only 39 unique values for the expression. For anyone who wants to know, this week’s winner, Bram, identified those pesky duplicates: −375, −25 and 105.

A few brave solvers tried their hands at evaluating even longer expressions, like |−1|−2|−3|−4|−5|…|−37|, which Angela Zhou found to have 664,540,593 unique values. (Her poor computer.)

While the number of unique values closely matches the Catalan numbers for shorter expressions, Angela found that they drop off — |−1|−2|−3|−4|−5|…|−33| is the first such expression whose number of unique values isn’t even half of its corresponding Catalan number.

Finally, there’s a tradition here at The Riddler of referencing The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS). There seems to be a known sequence out there that gives you the answer almost every week. Solver Tyler Barron was delighted to report that no one has yet submitted this sequence — the number of unique values for |−1|−2|−3|−4|−5|…|−(2N−1)| — to OEIS.

And in true Riddler fashion, Tyler called dibs.

Want more riddles?

Well, aren’t you lucky? There’s a whole book full of the best puzzles from this column and some never-before-seen head-scratchers. It’s called “The Riddler,” and it’s in stores now!

Want to submit a riddle?

Email Zach Wissner-Gross at [email protected].

Kobe Bryant: On And Off The Court


After Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash that also killed his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven other people, Hot Takedown wanted to take a bit of time to process the accident — for both ourselves and our listeners — before returning for a comprehensive conversation of his legacy. On today’s show, we dive into Kobe’s record on the court, how his persona was shaped by the media and how the public has — and has not — grappled with the 2003 rape allegations against him.

To round out the show, our Rabbit Hole celebrates some comically bad hockey teams.

Nevada Democrats Canceled Their Caucus App. But That Poses Its Own Problems.

A week ago, Nevada Democrats were planning to use an app for their caucuses on Feb. 22. The chaos in Iowa has put an end to that.

The Nevada Democratic Party confirmed to FiveThirtyEight that it has “eliminated the option of using an app at any step in the caucus process,” Molly Forgey, the party’s communications director, said Friday. The app that was going to be used was reportedly developed by Shadow Inc., the company that developed the infamous app for the Iowa Democratic Party.

But that doesn’t mean Nevada is out of the woods. Scrapping the app could also lead to some complications thanks to a new addition to the Silver State’s caucuses this year: early voting.

The Nevada Democratic Party hasn’t yet revealed what it plans to do instead — “At this time, we’re considering all of our options,” Forgey said — though using paper and phoning in results seems like an obvious solution. But the party’s plan to introduce early voting this year — slated to start on Feb. 15 — relied heavily on a functioning app, and it’s unclear how those votes will now be incorporated during the in-person caucuses.

In a caucus system, voters gather to demonstrate support for their first choice candidate. But if that candidate doesn’t clear a vote threshold in the first round, those supporters either have to join together, find a new candidate to support, or decide not to support anyone in a process called reallocation.

Under Nevada’s original plan, early voters would have their ranked choices recorded in the app. That data would then be sent to their local precinct chair for caucus day, where their votes would be automatically tallied and, as needed, reallocated. Now, without an app doing all the tabulations, it’s unclear how those early votes will be included.

It’s possible, of course, to conduct a caucus using a more analog system, and election experts said it’s also possible to incorporate the first round of early voting using paper. The way this would likely happen, experts told us, is by having the early voters fill out paper ballots with a rank-ordered list of up to five candidates, which would then be given to the volunteer running the caucus and incorporated into the process as if the people who had submitted the cards were actually there.

“I think if they allocate resources properly they can do it,” said Marian Schneider, president of Verified Voting, a nonpartisan group that advocates for fair elections. “I’m not suggesting it’s not a lot of work, but they’ve said they’re not going to use a mobile app. They’ve got to do something, right?”

But in order to integrate the early votes effectively, the party will have to start training its volunteers now. Ruben Murillo Jr., a precinct chair in Nevada, said all the early training focused exclusively on the app, and no backup plan was ever detailed.

“They never did address what to do if the app wasn’t working, how you would incorporate those early votes,” Murillo said, adding that he plans to seek further training now that the app has been scrapped.

If the number of people who vote early is small, folding the early votes into the process on caucus day should be fairly easy for the volunteers in charge of the caucuses to handle, according to Barry Burden, the director of the Elections Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

But he said the addition of paper ballots would almost certainly slow down the process — and if the people responsible for the caucus aren’t well trained, they could inadvertently reproduce the small but widespread errors that have already been documented in Iowa.

“There will be error at the caucus sites in counting the people who are present and counting these early ballots that come in,” Burden said. “And there will be errors in the transmission, where people hear incorrectly, where someone has said or written something down incorrectly, transposed digits, all kinds of things that happen when humans are involved.”

And introducing a new method for tallying votes at the last minute just creates more room for slip-ups. Supporters of the various candidates are also likely to have their ears pricked for problems or inconsistencies, given the closeness of the race.

Douglas Jones, a computer science professor at the University of Iowa, expressed concerns about the Iowa app back in January. He now says that even if Nevada does have a strong backup system in place, it’s worrying if the caucus volunteers haven’t been trained in how to carry it out — not to mention that the state party hasn’t yet announced what the backup plan actually is.

“It doesn’t increase my confidence to hear them saying, ‘We’re still figuring out what we’re going to do,’” he said.